WARTSILA-AGL Commissioning

WARTSILA-AGL Commissioning


211MW Power Plant Commissioning

  • Techcorp Services recently completed AGL/ Wartsila project of Testing and commissioning at the Barker Inlet Power Station which will supply 211MW’s of smart power to South Australia.
  • TCS field services engineers completed below commissioning activities

Scope of work

  • Preparation of ITP, ITR and Commission Schedule.
  • 90MVA 15kV/275kV Set-up Transformer Diff/REF(Restricted Earth Fault) Stability and Sensitivity
  • Relay Testing O/C & E/F (VAMP 50 and P132), ARC Flash (VAMP 120), Transformer Differential Relay (Vamp 300T), Voltage Protection Relay (VAMP P55 and P923) Bus Bar Protection Relay (P746) and Generator Protection relay (REG670)
  • Testing of CT’s (15 kV MV switchgear and Generator)
  • Testing of VT’s (15 kV MV Switchgear)
  • Testing of Breakers (15 kV MV Switchgear)) Schneider
  • Testing of LV Breakers Schneider MTZ series
  • 2500KVA, 15kV/415V Station Auxiliary Transformer Diff Stability and Sensitivity
  • CT Primary Injection
  • Functional Checks
  • Simulation
  • Data and reporting


  • TCS not only completed project on time but within budget stipulated by Wartsilla
  • All the testing and commissioning work was completed successfully.

Zero Harm

The works were conducted without safety or environmental incident, and the site contact commended our workers on their professional and safe conduct and their commitment to the site’s safety principles.

Project Details

  • Client : WARTSILA/ AGL Commissioning
  • Date : August 2019 to December 2019
  • Location : AGL Barker Inlet Power Station located on Torrens Island, alongside the AGL Torrens Island Power Station site, 18km from Adelaide’s CBD