Protection Relay Programming & Testing

Once your High Voltage installation has been completed it is imperative the installation is thoroughly and professionally tested to ensure it will perform as expected and meets all safety requirements and Protection Relay Testing

Our experienced technicians are fully equipped with a wide range of testing equipment enabling them to stringently test and report on your high voltage installation. This level of quality assurance ensures:

  • the system design is correct
  • the programming functionality is correct
  • the final specifications are as per the design
  • the system was installed correctly
  • the system will deliver under load

Our Services Include:

  • Software & firmware programming
  • Settings & secondary injection
  • Protection scheme testing
  • Protection Coordination studies
  • Distance protection
  • Differential protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Earth fault (residual) protection
  • Generator protection
  • Motor protection
  • Trip logic testing