Southern Cross Electrical Engineering

Southern Cross Electrical Engineering

Project Brief

  • Techcorp Services recently completed Testing and commissioning of 132kV AIS for SCEE
  • TCS field services engineers completed below commissioning activities

Scope of work

  • Configuring, test, and commissioning of protection relays
  • High Impedance Busbar Differential Relays
  • Transformer and line protection relay
  • Auxiliary relay testing
  • SCADA And alarm checks
  • AVR testing
  • Generator configuration
  • Current and Voltage Transformer Testing & commissioning
  • Earth Switch and Isolator Testing
  • Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Busbar Testing
  • Power Transformer Testing: 2 x 60MVA 132/22kV Transformers
  • Station Transformer Testing
  • Busbar Stability Testing
  • Transformer Stability Testing
  • Step and Touch Testing
  • Green Line/Red Line of Drawings
  • 132kV Bay Scheme functional checks
  • Simulation
  • Data and reporting


  • TCS not only completed project on time but within budget stipulated by SCEE
  • All the testing and commissioning work was completed successfully.

Zero Harm

The works were conducted without safety or environmental incident, and the site contact commended our workers on their professional and safe conduct and their commitment to the site’s safety principles.

Project Details

  • Client : Southern Cross Electrical Engineering
  • Date : May 2020 to June 2020
  • Location : Talison Lithium Mine, Greenbushes WA