Rio Tinto / Tasman Power

Project Brief

  • 33kV switchboards testing and commissioning for Rio Tinto Tom Price
  • Commencement – Feb 2020 to December 2020

Scope of work

  • Redlining and Greenlining of switchboards
  • Configuration, Testing & commissioning of Relays (Line Differential, Transformer Differential, and Overcurrent & Earth Fault)
  • Line Differential Stability
  • Transformer Testing
  • Earth Testing (Fall of Potential, Continuity and Step & Touch)
  • Functional and Scheme Check of 33kV Bays
  • Primary Injection and Bus Bar Stability
  • 33kV Switchgear Ductor and Hi-pot Testing
  • IEC61850 Controls and Alarms Check
  • Current and Voltage Transformer Testing


  • TCS not only completed project on time but within budget stipulated by Rio Tinto/ Tasman Power
  • All the testing and commissioning work was completed successfully.

Zero Harm

The works were conducted without safety or environmental incident, and the site contact commended our workers on their professional and safe conduct and their commitment to the site’s safety principles.

Project Details

  • Client : Rio Tinto / Tasman Power
  • Value : 1 Mil +
  • Location : Tom Price , WA